NYCC Partners with Anime Expo to Debut Anime Fest!

So if you’re a fan of Anime of any kind then strap yourselves in, because Anime Fest, the biggest Anime convention around is on the horizon. ReedPOP, the world’s leading producer of pop culture events, today announced that it is partnering with The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) to launch Anime Fest @ NYCC x Anime Expo. The four-day event will take place at Pier 94 from October 4-7 and provide fans the ultimate East Coast anime festival and celebration of Japanese pop culture.

anime expo

Fans will join Japanese guests, prolific artists, and other New York Otaku at a festival of autograph signings, cosplay, Instagram-worthy activations, a curated Artist Alley, live music, and creative Japanese pop culture classes. More surprises will be revealed in the coming months as Anime Fest @ NYCC x Anime Expo creates programming and content that brings the best of both worlds into one major anime festival.

“We’re thrilled to give our fans added Japanese content during the week of New York Comic Con and to partner with the leading anime event in the United States to do so,” said Lance Fensterman, Global President of ReedPOP. “Anime and manga are increasingly popular among our fans, and we wanted to give them a fuller experience with uniquely interactive sessions, the opportunity to connect with the anime community, an area dedicated to designing wearable fashion, and much more. With a partner like Anime Expo, we’re excited to build upon our already robust anime content and create an experience that is unlike anything we’ve been able to deliver before.”

“New York Comic Con provides us a tremendous opportunity to share many of the great experiences that Anime Expo already gives fans around the world. Working with a partner like ReedPOP, who has been producing highly successful pop culture events for years, is a natural extension for Anime Expo and we are very excited to be teaming-up with them at NYCC,” noted Ray Chiang, Chief Executive Officer of the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Anime, Anime Expo’s organizer.

If you’re interested in attending, tickets for Anime Fest @ NYCC x Anime Expo will go on sale on July 15. Tickets are available to fans with Fan Verification accounts at a discounted rate when they purchase their New York Comic Con badges (or if they’ve already purchased NYCC badges) and will be made available to the general public not attending NYCC as well.

Pricing for badges range from $10-$25 for Anime Fest @ NYCC x Anime Expo:

  • Thursday (October 4): $20
  • Friday (October 5): $20
  • Saturday (October 6): $25
  • Sunday (October 7): $25
  • Sunday Kids (October 7): $10
  • Thursday (October 4): NYCC Badge Holder – $15
  • Friday (October 5): NYCC Badge Holder – $15
  • Saturday (October 6): NYCC Badge Holder – $20
  • Sunday (October 7): NYCC Badge Holder – $20
  • Sunday Kids (October 7): NYCC Badge Holder – $5

About NYCC

New York Comic Con is the ultimate pop culture destination event in the United States. NYCC brings the best of comics, television, film, exhibitors, celebrities, cosplay, anime, and more to create memorable, uniquely exciting experiences for our fans. These experiences transcend beyond the walls of the Javits Center and continue to live beyond the weekend of NYCC through the online world of ReedPOP digital content.

Additional exciting details about NYCC, talent, and sponsors will be announced in the coming months. For more information, you can visit and NYCC’s social media pages (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram).

About ReedPOP

ReedPOP is a boutique group within Reed Exhibitions – the world’s leading events organizer. Launched in 2006, the group has become the number one producer of pop culture events across the globe as well as a full-service digital content provider and media company. Delivering once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences curated specifically for localized audiences, ReedPOP currently features events in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, India, Africa and Australia, including: New York Comic Con (NYCC), Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), PAX West, East, South and Australia, Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC), MCM Comic Con, BookCon, Oz Comic-Con, Eurogamer Expo (EGX), Comic Con India, Comic-Con Paris, Comic-Con Seoul, Comic-Con Africa, Star Wars Celebration, and ComplexCon. In addition to organizing and managing events, ReedPOP also runs and operates the Gamer Network and its portfolio of leading gaming websites including Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and GamesIndustry.Biz. The staff at ReedPOP are a fan-based, globally focused group of professionals that are uniquely qualified to build and serve the communities with whom they share a common passion. (

About SPJA

SPJA is a non-profit organization dedicated to popularize and educate the American public about Japanese entertainment and pop culture, as well as provide a forum to facilitate communication between professionals and fans. For more information, please

About Anime Expo

Anime Expo (AX) brings together fans and industry from Japan, the US, and all over the world for the largest celebration of Japanese pop culture in North America. Taking place every year since 1992, Anime Expo features the best in Japanese entertainment, music, fashion, and video games. For more information, visit

There’s sure to be something for fans of all kinds down at Anime Fest and hell, if you’re already attending NYCC and are a badge holder you get a sweet discount so why not go check it out? Guys thank you for reading through this latest press release for Anime Fest if you enjoyed or are interested in attending hit that like button and share around. Follow me as well as GeekVibesNation over on Twitter to say up to date with the latest news updates and blog posts and let us know your thoughts on Anime Fest over there also. Thanks again guys and I’ll catch you next time.




Comic Review: Identity Stunt #2

The 90’s vibe returns in the second, action-packed issue of Identity Stunt with even higher dangers and stakes. Identity Stunt #2 carries on the over the top action, art style, and story and gives Sam a lot more action only this time it is very real. As always with my comic reviews, I’ll be discussing the general plot, the characters, the art style, and if I believe this could be adapted onto the big screen. I’ll also be discussing if this issue improved upon the issues I had with the first. So with all that out of the way lets get into this review of Identity Stunt #2.



Identity Stunt #2 is written by Joe R. Khachdourian and Ruairi Coleman, with Artwork from Ruairi Coleman with Walter Pereyra, and Timothy Brown. Editors: Renae Geerlings and Jeff Kline. After stuntman and ex-national guard Sami “Sam” Nasser is caught up in the worst case of mistaken identity I’ve ever seen he has to survive after threats from both sides of the law put him and his family in mortal danger. This issue increased the stakes not only for Sam but for his family and for the police force of the city, which resulted in some fantastic action which was great to read through. Studios City’s resident vigilante “Beatdown” has made enemies with both the criminals and police force of the city and now their Sam’s enemies too. Even though Sam can kick some serious ass he still felt out of his comfort zone here because he was dealing with some big threats and that was nice to see. In my review of the first issue my main complaint was that it has some pacing issues and was, at times, difficult to keep up with, now whilst the second issue moves just as fast and is full of wild action it was much easier to follow and that made it much more enjoyable to read through. The action is broken up with little emotional moments and some nice character building and it finishes off with a dramatic bang that got me very invested in not only the futures of Sam story but those close to him.


Sam is still a fantastic lead for Identity Stunt. He likable, funny, and kicks ass especially here because he is given a lot of cool moments in the second issue. However, Sam wasn’t the star of this issue for me because the characters on the cover art, assassins: Pummel Deen and Jackknife Julie, stole the show throughout most of the issue. Other than the fantastic names these guys, looked incredible and felt like a real threat to Sam and Lieutenant Armstrong, who I’ll get onto later. The assassins had some really cool power/skill sets and were responsible for some gory action which looked great. They were the standouts of the second issue by a mile and I hope to see them return in future issues to take on Sam again. Lieutenant Armstrong felt to me like an equal to Sam in terms of both wit and fighting capabilities. She kicked just as much ass as him and was just as likable. She was the perfect “good cop” to Detective Shatters “Bad Cop” and the issue was at its strongest when she was teaming up with Sam. the more minor characters were overshadowed by the stars but still did their job well enough. Shatters was enjoyable enough in the sense that you love to hate him, and Sam’s family didn’t have a massive role until the near end but they did set up a very emotional climax which I loved.

Art Style

The art style really stood out to me in this issue, even more than the first, because of the cinematic nature of the issue’s villains. There powers/skills are extremely cool and look insane on the page. The action was always great in Identity Stunt but here it turned it up to 11. It was graphic, vibrant, and most importantly allowed for the small details to really pop amongst all the chaos. The artwork of Identity Stunt to me is what has improved the most from the first issue and I hope to see it get better and better in future issues.

Adapted for the Big Screen

I already said that the first issue would make a great summer blockbuster because of its cinematic feel, but issue 2 has confirmed that thought in my mind, mainly because of the villains. This issue looked so incredible and had some amazing action and I can imagine just how cool that would look in live action.

Overall I really enjoyed Identity Stunt #2, especially because it dialed up the positives of the first issue and fixed the problems that I had with it. Everything felt better, from the action to the dialogue and jokes to the heart and shock value at the end it all felt better for me. Sam was still as likable as before and now he has a supporting cast which is just as cool and formidable as him. Guys thank you so much for reading through my review of Identity Stunt #2 and thanks to the creators for sending over a copy to review. I’ll have my review of issue #3 up in a few days and if you want to learn more about Identity Stunt you can right here: If you enjoyed this review, make sure to hit like and share around and check out some of my over comic reviews on my page. Follow me and GeekVibesNation over on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news updates and reviews on all things movies, TV, and comics. Thanks again guys and I’ll catch you next time.

The Sandman Universe #1 Preview

We have been very fortunate to receive an early review of a new upcoming comic, The Sandman Universe but what exactly is The Sandman Universe? The official synopsis is this: “Join us as we return to the Dreaming, a world filled with dreams and nightmares, with wonderful characters living together in this fantastical shared universe.” From the mind of New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman, welcome to the sequel to the iconic series The Sandman, with new writers and artists, a new house and so much more.


I’ve been able to have a read through some of The Sandman Universe and its definitely one of the more “out there” comics I’ve looked at but it stunningly beautiful and very interesting indeed. The first page demonstrates this perfectly so I’ll give you a little sneak peek of it:


The neon colors, the abstract designs of the whole place, the mystical feeling to it, it does a fantastic job of sucking you in and getting you intrigued into what this crazy world is. If you’re a fan of the fantasy or magical genres The Sandman Universe should definitely be one that you check out when it releases 8/8/18.

THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1 includes story by Neil Gaiman, written by Si Spurrier, Nalo Hopkinson, Dan Watters and Kat Howard, with art by Bilquis Evely, Dominike “Domo” Stanton, Max Fiumara, Seba Fiumara and Tom Fowler, and colors by Mat Lopes, lettering by Simon Bowland and cover by Jae Lee. Spiraling out of this exciting, oversized issue will be four new series beginning in September with THE DREAMING and HOUSE OF WHISPERS, followed by LUCIFER and BOOKS OF MAGIC in October.

The Sandman Universe is a host of a wide range of wonderful characters who are just as colorful as their surroundings, from Lucien, the librarian to Matthew the talking raven. These characters are sure to be opening up all throughout the four new series and if your an already established fan or a newcomer to the series they are sure to get you interested in this strange and new world.

The Sandman Universe #1 will be available 8/8/18 and if you want to know more about check out DC Vertigo Comics over on Twitter. Guys thank you for reading throughout preview of The Sandman Universe if you enjoyed be sure to hit that like button and share around. Make sure to follow me and GeekVibesNation over on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news update and blog posts and I’ll catch you next time.

Mobile Mondays: Earn to Die

Have you ever wondered what Trials Fusion would be like if set in a post-apocalyptic world where instead of bikes you had cars kitted up to smash, shoot, and slam through all kinds of Zombie hoards? Look no further than Earn to Die 2. This game has been one of my favorite mobile games since forever, especially when I just want to blow off some steam and relax, so it’s about time I reviewed it.

earn to die 2

Earn to Die does have some kind of plot, but it isn’t really much: There’s been a zombie outbreak and who have to cruise through America to get to the coast, all whilst upgrading various cars to deal with the zombie hoards who stand in your way. The gameplay is about as simple as the premise itself, right thumb controls acceleration/boost and left thumb controls if you pivot backward or forwards. It’s this very simple system that makes Earn to Die 2 so addictively fun. The early levels certainly aren’t much of a challenge but when the game progresses and the upgrades get more and more expensive saving up can be difficult and it makes those upgrades so satisfying to finally get. The simple yet addictive nature of this game paired with the fact that smashing through zombie after zombie never gets old makes Earn to Die such a fun ride, (pun intended) and why I’ve loved playing it for years.

As for the graphics of Earn to Die 2, they may be simple but they are very effective. The close up look at the cars are fantastic, they completely rock the scrap heap look and fit the apocalyptic world perfectly. Each car looks completely unique along with unique upgrades such as different weapons or boosters and as for the environments you drive through, the backdrops add a nice setting to all the chaos and the boxes and barrels you breakthrough do their job but certainly isn’t worth shouting about. The zombies again have a very simplistic look but that’s fine because A) you are usually moving so fast you don’t see much of them, and B) you can very easily distinguish between different zombie types which is the most important thing. Earn to Die completely works the hand-drawn simplistic look which isn’t too distracting and allows for full concentration of the fast-paced mayhem of the gameplay.

As for the overall progression of the game, it is just as satisfying as the gameplay. Getting inches away from your next garage can be heartbreaking at times especially after spending thousands on a new engine for it to just not be enough, but on the flip side when you finally do reach the next checkpoint or finish your current level it is extremely satisfying. You’re also on a timer of sorts where it counts how many days have passed since you started. There are no penalties for taking too long buts is a nice addition for completionists who want to survive the apocalypse in record time.

Overall I really love Earn to Die 2. There are some mobile games that eat up hours of your time just for minor upgrades to characters of weapons, and some games that monotonous bring gameplay that sucks all the fun out of them after the first couple levels. Earn to Die keeps you addicted long after the first track and the game looks great, feels great to play, and is perfect for fans of many genres. If you enjoy car-based games, zombie games, shooters (to an extent) or hell just games where you get to cause some major damage Earn to Die will be right up your street and I highly recommend you check it out. Guys thank you so much for reading through my review of Earn to die. If you enjoyed this week’s Mobile Mondays please do hit that like button and share around and feel free to check out some of my other Mobile Mondays to see some other great mobile games. Follow me over on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news updates and blog posts and I’ll catch you next time.


Comic Review: Midnight Task Force #2

So it’s been some time but I’m finally back reviewing the next issue of Midnight Task Force and I have to say I’m really happy to be coming back to the dangerous and dirty streets of Detroit with Aiden. This issue really did a lot to flesh out Aiden’s character and set up a really interesting villain which I’m excited to see more of. As always I’ll avoid spoilers as best I can and discuss the general plot, characters, artwork and if I still think this could be adapted to the big screen. With all that out of the way, let’s get into Midnight Task Force #2.



In issue #1 we see a strange string of murders start to appear all around Detroit and Aiden, the best detective on the force is given 72 hours to solve who’s behind it. Issue #2, written by Mark London with Artwork from Alejandro Giraldo and Christian Ospina, carries on straight from this showing us both Aiden’s detective skills as well as a more personal side to him. This issue felt a lot more intense compared to the first, both with Aiden and with the murders he is trying to solve. We get a lot of really cool action in issue #2 and it looked incredible but it never overshadowed the more personal issues that Aiden had to deal with which was nice to see. It wasn’t just Detroit’s best detective that was fleshed out either, but we also got to see more of Detroit itself and the people who live there. It really felt like a dangerous place to be living in and it increased the tension of the issue in a subtle way. Overall I really enjoyed issue #2 and the developments it made to Aiden and I’m very excited to see him face the shadowy villain who’s been lurking around Detroit’s underbelly.


I’ve already talked about the star, Aiden pretty extensively but 3 characters who I really enjoyed seeing more of were his old task force members who now assist him. I still can’t explain just how the help him but it was really cool to see them interact more with Aiden and to see them have a more influential role in the story. They added some unexpected humor to what is quite a serious story which was refreshing and I appreciate the clever way they were used to further the plot, especially with the detective side of the story. Speaking of the detective side of the story, I won’t give anything away but Aiden makes good use of his trademark green goggles in issue #2 and I really liked that part. It was very well done and gave a more futuristic feel to the scene. Deux basically played the part of the cowardly crime boss but I liked seeing him interact with Aiden and of course, he gave us a little insight into the comics real big bad. We still know very little about this guy other than he looks badass and he already feels like a very threatening force for Aiden to combat even though he hasn’t said a single word. I’m very excited to see more of him in the future.


Like I said in my previous review I really dig the art style of Midnight Task Force. Detroit looks so alive, especially in the “Neon District” which we got a look at here, but it also looks decayed and dirty. You can tell that even with the futuristic look of the tech and even the clothes people wear that Detroit has seen better days. Aiden and our hooded figure look the best by far and the action scenes look great too. They felt gritty and real which gave a certain sense of tension to the fights, especially because Aiden himself has seen better ways. Also, the really smart way the Task Force members speak to Aiden still impressed me even though was expecting it this time.

Adapted for the Big Screen

Issue #2 has confirmed in my mind that this comic would be so good on the silver screen. I could even see this working as some kind of Netflix series. It is very visually striking and unique with great action and a very intricate hero who has multiple layers of depth. This comic is excellent, as a comic, and is very, very cool looking but every time I read it I can’t help but wish I was watching it on the screen. We can all dream, right?

Overall I really loved Midnight Task Force #2. It added a lot to the character of Aiden, dialed the action to an 11, gave us some great detective moments which showed off just how smart Aiden actually is all whilst building up a very cool villain who I’m excited to see more of in the future. My only hope is that we can get some good guys who can hold there own when compared to Aiden because whilst all the villains of Detroit are cool, Aiden sometimes feels like he overshadows some of the other “good guys”. Don’t get me wrong I love Aiden but I want to see someone who can be considered an equal to Aiden in the future. Guys thank you so much for reading this review of Midnight Task Force #2, and huge thanks to Mad Cave Studios for sending over a copy to review, much love. Make sure to follow them over on Twitter if you want to find out more about Midnight Task Force and follow me and GeekVibesNation over on Twitter also to stay up to date with the latest news updates and reviews. Thanks again for reading and I’ll catch you next time.


Comic Review: Identity Stunt #1

Identity Stunt is a comic that feels like a blast from the past with huge 90′ vibes in terms of action, the plot and even art style with a very unique story, a very likable main character and even though it moves a break-neck pace it was still extremely enjoyable to read through. As always with my comic reviews I’ll be discussing the overall plot, characters, artwork and if I think this comic could be adapted onto the big screen and of course I’ll be avoiding major plot spoilers. With that out of the way, let’s get into this.



Identity Stunt is written by Joe R. Khachdourian and Ruairi Coleman, with Artwork from Ruairi Coleman with Walter Pereyra, and Timothy Brown. Editors: Renae Geerlings and Jeff Kline. It follows the story of professional stuntman and ex-national guard Sami “Sam” Nasser who after being mistaken for a vigilante named “Beatdown”, by criminal mastermind Dominus Smith, he has his world turned upside down and is forced to protect the ones he loves. This was such a clever angle to take. We have the actual ‘Superhero’ Beatdown who at times reminded me of the likes of Daredevil along with someone who could be considered a real-life superhero because he’s a stuntman. It makes perfect sense for people to believe he’s the vigilante because of his skill set especially with him being ex-national guard which I thought was very nice touch. My one concern with this issue, however, was the speed at which it moved. Like I said this moves a break-neck pace and at times it felt difficult to keep up, especially with such over the top action and some very intense interactions with the characters. I do have to say however even though it moved very fast I still appreciated the time that Sam and Tracy had where they just talked and there was no action. It built those 2 up nicely and it got me invested in them as a pair a lot more. All in all Identity Stunt is one hell of a ride but it was a very fun one and I’m excited to carry on Sam’s story.


I’ve already talked about, Sam, quite a bit So I’ll focus more on the other supporting characters for now. Tracy really stood out to me as a great match for Sam. The chalk to Sam’s cheese if you will. She too was very likable with a sort of Sarcastic charm to her which went nicely with Sams more serious nature. I also loved how near the end of the issue we get a little hint to how ferocious she can be and I fully expect her to kick some serious ass in the future. Beatdown and Doms Smith, the 2 real ‘Comic book characters’ if you want to call them that, intrigued me the most and definitely went hand in hand with one another. Like I said previously Beatdown reminds me of the likes of Daredevil or Nightwing. He ain’t afraid to get rough and scare the criminals he stops, and he was definitely a lot of fun whenever he was on the page. Dominus Smith was a lot more mysterious, however, and I really liked that. He played the part of the puppet master, pulling the strings from the shadows and he felt like a very imposing and dominating figure. He seems like a tough match for Beatdown himself and an even tough match for Sam which gets me very excited to see how each character deals with him in the future issues.


The artwork here was both beautiful and clever. Switching from the actual action with Beatdown to movie sets with Sam without warning took me by surprise at first and was very cool to see. It captures that early 90’s vibe the comic is going for and whilst it can be overwhelming similarly to the plot it captured to gritty over the top nature of the action perfectly and certainly helped ease the story along when it became a little too much.

Adapted for the Big Screen

With the 90’s action coming back into fashion lately with the likes of Predator I could 100% see Identity Stunt being adapted onto the big screen. It would make a great summer blockbuster with incredible action. This first issue had a very cinematic feel to it and now I’m very interested to see if future issues can carry one the story alongside the incredible action.

Overall. I really enjoyed Identity Stunt. Apart from some pacing issues, it had a very unique and interesting angle to its story, incredible action, and a very likable hero with intriguing supporting characters who I want to learn more about. Guys, I want to give a huge shoutout to the creators of Identity Stunt for sending over the first 3 issues of the comic for me to review for you guys. I’ll have the reviews for issues 2 and 3 up in a few days and if you want to check out Identity Stunt for yourself you can do so here: Thank you guys for reading through my review of Identity Stunt, if you enjoyed be sure to hit that like button and share around. Follow me and GeekvibesNation over on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news updates. You can also check out some of my other comic reviews and more will be on the way very shortly. Thanks again guys and I’ll catch you next time.

Mad Cave Studios Talent Search 2018

Are you a talented writer looking to break into the comic book business? Are you an incredible artist who love’s to bring great stories to life? If so then Mad Cave Studios may be exactly what you’re looking for. Mad Cave Studios is a really cool comic book company who have produced some great work such as Midnight Task Force and Battlecats, both of which we have loved over here at GeekVibesNation and now they’re looking for some brand new talent.

mad cave

“Independent comic book publisher, Mad Cave Studios, is proud to announce our first ever nationwide talent search! We are looking for a maximum of 4 writers and 4 artists to work on 4 original and unannounced projects from the minds inside the Mad Cave. Each winner will be compensated on a “per page” basis and employment will be on a “work for hire” basis. This search is specifically for diverse, undiscovered talent with a unique voice that has never worked with or been distributed by a major publisher.”

“By running this talent search we are hoping to give aspiring creators the opportunity that many people can only dream of; working on a published comic book!”

“Each submission should be based on one of two Mad Cave comics: Battlecats or Midnight Task Force. Each creator can send one submission for each title, but keep in mind that the project you could potentially be working on will not be the same one you submitted.”

Note: To those who choose to submit an entry for only Battlecats; any series that you may potentially be working on will not feature anthropomorphic creatures.

“The contest begins on July 14th, 2018 and runs through September 14th, 2018. Every entrant will be considered by each member of editorial at Mad Cave Studios and the winners will be announced during New York Comic Con on Saturday, October 5th, 2018. If you are not selected this year, don’t worry, we will be running this talent search again next year. So put your proverbial “nose to the grindstone” and hone your craft!” 

“Please follow the submission guidelines below. Only submissions that meet each one of the guidelines below will be reviewed.”

Writer Submissions Guidelines:

Format: Microsoft Word document or PDF.

Content: 4 – 6 pages set anywhere in the Battlecats universe (Valderia) or the Midnight Task Force universe (dystopian Detroit circa 2055.)

Submission: Send your submissions to  along with a signed copy of the submission agreement.

Artist Submissions Guidelines:

Content: No more than 3 pages of sequential art set in the Battlecats universe (Valderia) or the Midnight Task Force universe (dystopian Detroit circa 2055.)

Submission: Send your submission to along with a signed copy of the submission agreement.

On top of the specific guidelines for Writers and Artists there are also some general guidelines to follow as well which are listed below:

General Guidelines:

1) Each creator can submit one entry per title.

2) Email subject line should read: Mad Cave Studios Talent Search.

3) This search is for new and undiscovered talent. If you’ve been paid or published by an established publisher your entry will be disregarded.

4) Must be 18 years or older to enter.

5) Submissions are only open from July 14th, 2018 through September 14th, 2018.

6) The 8 potential winners will be announced at New York Comic Con 2018 on Saturday, October 5th, 2018, but will be notified beforehand.

The guys over at Mad Cave Studios are really cool and they produce some great work. If you’ve ever wanted to write or produce artwork for your own comic book get entering into this contest. You have all summer and its a really good opportunity to get introduced into the industry. If you want to know more you can check out the Mad Cave Studios website as well as their Twitter and if you want to know our thoughts on their biggest comic books so you know exactly what type comics you’ll be creating you can check out our reviews for Battlecats and Midnight TaskForce on our own website. Make sure to follow me as well as GeekVibesNation over on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news updates and blog posts and I’ll catch you next time.