Mobile Mondays: Shadow Fighter 3

The star of this week’s Mobile Monday is a game that is like nothing else I’ve talked about on here and a game that really impressed me when I first loaded it up. Shadow Fighter 3.


Shadow fighter 3 is an epic RPG and fighting game that brings about the return of the Shadow Fighter series. Before playing this game I’d never even heard of this series and the previous 2 games but if they are half as cool as this one there probably worth the time. This is a game that pleasantly surprised me for a number of reasons. Firstly the graphics are amazing, especially for a mobile game. The animations, backgrounds, skins for both characters and weapons/gear are incredible. The ‘3D graphics’ are one of this games selling points and after playing is clear to see why.

Speaking of those graphics, all the gear and weapons look crisp and both very cool yet realistic and authentic. I was actually looking forward to checking out the loot I won form my battles or coming back to pen my free chests because they gear all seemed like rewards that were worth the effort to earn.

The Shadows


Now the clues in the name, this game doesn’t just let you kick ass with conventional weapons, you also get the use of ‘shadow powers’ that let you control or change the flow of the battle. Its this feature that separates this from other fighting mobile games and they truly felt cool to use especially when using them won you the fight. I never felt completely useless when not using these powers however and sometimes even forgot to use them because I was doing just fine and having a lot of fun with the generic combat.

one of the major reasons, why that combat was so fun, is the fact that it’s very easy to learn and get to grips with but difficult to master. The left side of the screen lets you move the character whilst the right lets you choose between kicks, punches or the previously mentioned ‘Shadow Powers’. you can block and counter which is satisfying when pulled off but again difficult to fully master.


Thie game does have some serious problems, however. first, of all, the story wasn’t something that kept me gripped and like most of these games you play it for the combat not the campaign. The dialogue between the characters was enjoyable enough to read through and the map was also cool and fitting for the theme ut when it comes to the actual plot I’m already struggling to remember details. The online versus mode, however, was extremely entertaining and was the most fun I had whilst playing.

Another problem I had and this might just be my pone seen as I do have a number of large apps already installed but sometimes I would experience extream lag spikes where frame rate would drop and fighting was almost impossible. this could be due to my phone or the extremely high-resolution graphics I don’t know for sure. Some reviews have stated bugs and running problems but the developers of the game; NEKKI have been very vocal in responding to these and saying they’ll fix these problems which is nice to see. Besides, the performance issues weren’t always a problem when playing.

Overall Shadow fight 3 is definitely worth playing for any fan of the mobile fighting genre and if you can put up with some performance issues and a lackluster story and focus on the fighting and upgrading your fighter you’ll have a blast.

Thank you for taking the time to read the latest Mobile Monday and I hope you enjoyed. More video games and movie articles will be coming throughout the week so stay tuned and ill scath you next time.


Black Panther: Movie Review *contains Spoilers*

This review will contain massive spoilers for Black Panther as it would be difficult to talk about certain characters such as Killmonger and certain moments in the film whilst trying to avoid spoilers so if you haven’t seen the movie stop reading now. Now, before I actually talk about the story or any plot points there are some other major aspects of this film that need to be discussed first so I’m going to pick the movie apart almost and look at the various different parts that make it so good.


The people behind the movie.

Black Panther is directed by Ryan Coogler who has done a phenomenal job here and has hit yet another success following his impressive track record of Creed and Fruitvale Station. He is definitely 3 for 3 now and after this, his future career is looking extremely bright. Black Panther also has a star-studded lineup and every single one of them does a fantastic job here. Every single character is likable (including the villains) and feels charismatic and that is a credit to the incredible acting that is shown here. Chadwick Boseman does an amazing job as T’Challa and really helps build the character from his supporting role in Captain America: Civil War to the main hero of his own adventure. Letitia Wright also does a wonderful job as Shuri and their brother-sister relationship was not only something that stood out as a highlight of the movie but also something that shocked me because I didn’t expected the chemistry shared between the two to be so good and this made every scene with them thoroughly enjoyable to watch and very believable.

Andy Serkis does an excellent job as Klaw here and to see him having so much fun in front of the camera for a change was nice to see. He sold the character so well and was one of the biggest scene stealers here. Klaw, however, has nothing on the movies, main villain, Erik Killmonger played by Michael B. Jordan who is definitely the best villain we’ve seen in the MCU since Loki and I’ll get onto why he’s just so good a little later when I talk about the plot. Martain Freeman, whilst only having a minor supporting role also does a great job here along with his fellow cast members, Danai Gurira, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, Winston Duke, who was the movies biggest scene stealer and Forest Whitaker to name some. Whilst there are many things this movie gets right, the casting choices and the performances given are by far away, its two biggest successes.

How is it as a comic book movie?

Im happy to say that Black Panther does feel like a comic book movie, but it also feels much more than that at the same time. There are cool heroes and villains and fights and explosions but this movie also has some very interesting topics and conversations it discusses when you dig a little deeper.

black panther comic

Black Panther isn’t the most well known Marvel hero and hasn’t had many heavy hitting or famous comic book storylines compared to others like Captain America or Iron Man. This movie is sure to boost his popularity massively, especially after his amazing introduction in Civil War. If you go into this movie wanting a comic book movie and nothing more you’ll be more than happy. It contains everything you want from a comic book movie; great action, excellent heroes, and villains and most importantly it has that comic book feel of both extraordinary and yet very grounded and easy to connect with. This grounded feel is strengthened by the comedy sprinkled throughout the movie through various characters such as Klaw, Shuri, and T’Challa.


This film has both an excellent album, produced by Kendrick Lamar, but an even better score. Composed by Ludwig Göransson is an excellent blend of both modern music and traditional tribal music which is yet another major message this movie has.

What does this movie have to say?

Black Panther is an excellent comic book and action movie but it also has some very sophisticated topics and discussions it brings up to get you thinking. Culture and identity is a massive topic this movie explores and is done so brilliantly from two opposite points of view, T’Challa, and Killmonger. They both are on a quest of exploring their heritage and who they are not only as individuals but as part of a larger group of people. T’Challa’s discovery that his father was not the idol or hero he thought he was and him learning to let go of the past so to speak and focus on what kind of a king he will be and what future he will form was very interesting and in some paces touching to watch unfold.


Killmonger’s arc was also very interesting to watch but for different reasons. The revelation that his father was killed by T’Chaka, (T’Challa’s father) instantly gave im a well-established arc and story and made us connect with him on certain levels. His outside perspective on Wakanda also made him very relatable very quickly as we the audience are also outsiders looking in. The background he has of him seeing his own people oppressed and knowing that the people Wakanda could help but choose not to make his goals very understandable and it’s clear to see why hashtags such as #Killmongerdidnothingwrong have started to trend because its a fair argument to make.


The movie was at its strongest when dealing with Killmonger’s ideas and his methods and T’Challa dealing with them. It contained extremely powerful moments such as Killmonger proclaiming his body be burned in the sea like his ancestors who jumped from the boats to die rather than be in chains. This again made me feel almost sympathetic towards him as I understood his motives and his anger towards his people’s lack of action in dealing with oppression. Overall at the movie has beautifully set the stage for Avengers: Infinity War and a Black Panther sequel which will inevitably be coming in the future.

Any problems?

Black Panther is not a flawless movie by any means and does have a few minor problems. Certain moments in the movie such as when Black Panther and Killmonger were fighting did look a little cartoonish and stood out as being unfinished when compared to the incredible looking Wakanda. Martin Freeman’s character, Agent Ross also felt slightly underused and almost like this movies version of Felix Leiter from the bond movies, which here feels like some sort of poetic justice. another small nitpick is that the amazing action scenes in the movie felt like they ended way too quick and the only real extended action set piece was the casino/ car chase scene which was one of the movies stand out scenes. overall the small problems this movie has weren’t enough to take away any enjoyment when watching.

How does this fit in the MCU?

This movie is of course apart of the MCU but apart from Klaw and Agent Ross recurring from previous MCU movies and a short end credit scene with Bucky Barns this movie is rather separate from the rest of the MCU and can very easily be enjoyed even with no prior knowledge of the MCU. Like previously mentioned this movie, whilst not having too many connections with the wider cinematic universe it does very nicely set the stage for Infinity War for the hardcore or even casual MCU fans.


In conclusion, Black Panther is a great time and not only a great comic book movie and installment of the MCU but a great cultural movie that explores extremely important topics and helps get them in front of a mainstream audience to help spark a conversation that we need to have more. I rate Black Panther as a 9/10 as a huge fan of the source material it is based off and the MCU and out of appreciation for the topics it discusses and the way it prevents them. Black Panther is a great time and a must-see for anyone who is a fan of Marvel Comics.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. This is my first real attempt of talking about a blockbuster movie so soon after release and anyone who has any tips for how to improve after reading other reviews or writing their own please leave any advice in the comments below. Thank you again and ill, catch you next time.

Kong: Skull Island Movie Review and future of the ‘MonsterVerse’

The first part of this post will be a short movie review of Kong: Skull Island, a movie I have overall mixed thoughts on. The bulk of this, however, will be my thoughts on the wider MonsterVerse it is a part of and the current installments as well as its future.

Kong: Skull Island


As I previously mentioned I have mixed feeling on this film. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Kong: Skull Island was released in 2017 and acts as a soft reboot of the King Kong franchise. With a star-studded cast including the likes of; Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman just to name a few, this movie had great promise and whilst it does contain that ‘wow factor’ expected from a movie like this in certain moments, they are too few and far between and it unfortunately falls flat in certain areas which stops it from reaching its true potential.

lets start with what this movie gets right, Kong: Skull Island is a beautiful movie. The sense of scale achieved here is very impressive especially when looking at Kong himself or any of the other beasts on the island. This sense of scale is very easily achieved because this movie is shot beautifully, the cinematography here is definitely something to be celebrated and is easily one of its best aspects. That leads me nicely onto Kong himself and his look. Its clear that most of the CGI budget was spent on Kong and his fellow giant beast, not only because they look so good but because other CGI scenes such as a large explosion that happens in the third act looked very rushed and like it was ripped straight from a video game. This didn’t take me out of the movie too much however as they weren’t too apparent, especially when the island and its inhabitants looked so good.


Another one of Kong’s greatest assets is Kong himself. Whenever he is on screen he steals the show especially in the many excellent action scenes in this movie when Kong fends off against the invading soldiers or the beasts he shares the island with. This action kept the movie a float and helps deal with one of its Major problems. As well as the action this movie also contains a good amount of laughs. Its by no means a comedy and unfortunately under uses John C. Reilly’s character but the banter shared between the soldiers feels real and make you care a little more for them whilst also making the movie that little bit more enjoyable. This leads me onto the performance by the cast which is also great here. Whilst they aren’t giving much to work with, and I’ll get on to that in a second, they do an excellent job of conveying the characters reactions to certain events and again all have very good chemistry making those action pieces or comedic moments that little bit better. This does however lead me onto the films single biggest problem.

I found that most of the characters here where very poorly fleshed out and had very little to no actual characterization with Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Preston Packard being the only real exception. He was the only one on the island who actually had any real character. Right from the start you understood his motivations for wanting to go on the island and you continue to understand why he does the things he does throughout. Samuel L. Jackson’s performance really helps sell this and I would say that apart from the ‘Skull-crawlers’ he is the closest a person comes to being a real villain. Apart from him everyone else’s characters are rather bland and I just didn’t find myself caring that much for them when things went south. This was most apparent for the many soldiers who I cant even remember the names of, who simply served to have cool deaths and fill the movie with more action. It must be said these many deaths did help drive Samuel L. Jackson’s character forwards. Also the plot is rather slow as well. I dint have any big problems with the story but it was clear that its soul purpose was to introduce King Kong and help set up the ‘MonsterVerse’ which we’ll talk about shortly.

Overall I enjoyed Kong: Skull Island and it’s a good action movie to stick on and chill out and watch but it’s by no means anything special and with a lack luster story and characters I’ve got to give it 6.5/10.



Kong: Skull Island, whilst being a good movie, was made to serve one purpose; introduce King Kong into the MonsterVerse. Now you might be asking; “what is the MonsterVerse?”.  Well the MonsterVerse is a shared cinematic universe between Godzilla King Kong and fellow characters from these franchise. Clearly  inspired by the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is co-produced by both Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment. The first installment of this universe was the 2014 movie; Godzilla. Directed by Gareth Edwards who later went onto direct Rouge One, and staring the likes of Aaron Taylor-Johnson,  Elizabeth Olsen and  Bryan Cranston. Godzilla didn’t particularly do well at the Box office in 2014 in its targeted audience of America and Japan but was enjoyed and respected by fans and  some critics a like for its amazing visuals and new take on the franchise. With the birth of this new MonsterVerse there are a couple questions that need to be answered; will this MonsterVerse do well enough at the Box office to survive? and do we really need it in the first place?


I personally don’t think we need this but i do think it would be amazing especially for the hardcore fans of these franchise and characters to see them not only done justice on the silver screen but also to see them properly clash on there as well. The problem is however that the first installments, whilst fun and impressive cant help but feel rushed to me. Like the studio wants to establish these characters as quick as possible so we can get a fight movie out as soon as possible. A Godzilla vs King Kong movie is scheduled to release in May of 2020 after Godzilla: King of Monsters which will release in March 2019. The problem here is that a universe of this scale with such devoted and large fan bases cannot simply survive off the cool fight scenes between the gigantic creatures. Kong:Skull Island poor Box office results are proof enough that the action is not enough to get these movies through. Now do i want these movies? of course i do. There aren’t many tings cooler than Godzilla and King Kong having a showdown, but it has to be done in the right way.  Trying too hard to catch up with or achieve the success of other cinematic universes such as DC or Marvel wont work here and will result in rushed films which might have very col action and amazing visuals but they wont hold up in the long run.

For now I’m going to keep my eye on the MonsterVerse and not get my hopes up too much, but I do hope the studios learn from the first 2 installments and go on to take their time and make the movies as great as they could be for not only the hardcore fans but for everyone who wants to enjoy these movies.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts on these films and tell me what you think of the MonsterVerse. Do you love it? Hate it/ Or do you just not care? which ever it is tell me in a comment and ill catch you next time.


Mobile Mondays: Marvel: Contest of Champions

With Black Panther right around the corner, and Avengers: Infinity War not far behind this installment of Mobile Mondays is being dedicated to Marvel’s answer to the likes of Injustice and Mortal Combat, Contest of Champions.


This game seems to find the perfect balance between the different aspects of a game of this type.  The game can very comfortably be played without spending a penny or if you’re a little impatient or have a favorite hero you really want to use you can always splash a little cash. Speaking of wanting your favorite hero, the roster of playable characters in this game is incredible and if I’m being honest puts the Injustice 2 mobile game to shame. Everyone from the famous MCU heroes to the Fantastic Four, Deadpool and the X-Men all make an appearance here meaning if you have a favorite her, they’ll be here to play with.


It’s no secret that the MCU has hit all of its marks in recent years and is up there as one of the best movie franchises of all time. This success carries over into Marvels biggest mobile games with character and skins ripped straight out of the MCU present here. not to mention the various events that take place daily such as the Black Panther event currently happening right now to tie on with the new film. Like I mentioned previously, with Infinity War on the horizon the future of contest of champions is only looking more and more bright each day especially when there is little competition.



Now, flashing someone’s favorite Marvels heroes in front of them will only work for so long so how does it hold up as a game when you get down to business? well actually quite well. It follows the general format of mobile fighting games where you have energy that you spend when playing missions or fighting battles. The energy then refreshes over time and you go back to fighting more battles. The campaign is quite long and does require you to replay certain levels and take different routes in order to get 100% completion. These different routes are sometimes locked behind gates requiring certain character types meaning that even though you’ve completed a section you may go back to revisit it and take a different route with a new hero you’ve recenty unlocked. As for the story, it explains away the fact you’re fighting other heroes as them being from parallel universes but let’s be honest you don’t play this of the story. You play this as a fighting game or not at all.

On top of the story you also have the previously mentioned events that are always changing and give you new challenges fairly often and you also have the PvP aspect of the game. The versus mode doesn’t use up any energy and is yet another way to earn crystals or characters. This is just as fun as the story is a nice way to use the time up waiting for your energy to refresh. There’s also a fourth mode in the form of the alliance mode that lets you join an alliance to earn yet more rewards. No matter if you spend all your free cash on this game or if you just play casually in your free time you’ll always have something to do which is nice as you are never left sitting around waiting for your energy. All of these many game modes make upgrading your current heroes or unlocking crystals to get new ones fairly easy and regular so you also feel like your making some sort of progress. Speaking of these crystals, they are a fun way to unlock new characters and add a nice feeling of wondering who you’re going to get (or a feeling of overwhelming rage as you get the same hero AGAIN).

That progress also carries over to you, the player (or the summoner as you’re refered to) with the mastery skill trees. These are separate to the level or tier of the individual heroes and affect all of them the same, such as upgrading the defense of all heroes in your roster.

When it comes to actually fighting, it’s extremely fun in its simplicity. Tapping right is a light attack, swiping is a heavy attack. Tapping left will block and swiping will evade. Character’s also have individual abilities or attacks that you ‘charge up’ with a meter in the bottom corner. the more stars or the higher the level the hero the more abilities and more damage those abilities will do. The graphics and art style are very cartoonish and are vibrant and seem to pop with the colors and arenas in which you fight in, which look wonderful. This gives the game an almost comic book look and feels to it which are extremely fitting for the game and add to the feel of the game when you’re running around with the likes of Iron Man or Wolverine and fighting some of the most famous villains in Marvels history.  It’s also worth stating that the game runs extremely well on my Vodaphone smart ultra 6 and any phone released in recent years should run it pretty well.

overall this game is great and any fan of Marvel comics should definitely try it out. it’s arguably one of if not the best Marvel mobile game available. Its fun to play, easy to pick up and extremely addictive when you start playing. This game is only going to get stronger with the release of Infinity War and future Marvel films to be released. Speaking f new MCU releases Black Panther review should be up by the next weekend.

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Bioshock: 10 years on

On the 21st of August 2007, a game called Bioshock released and back then no one had any idea not only what a marvel the game was but what a legacy and impression it would make and continue to make for the next 10 years. If you don’t know what Bioshock is then firstly, what have you been doing with your life? but secondly, go and play it right now. There are no excuses for not experiencing one of the greatest games of all time. And that’s no exaggeration, Bioshock truly is one of the best series of all time but nothing will top the first game which will be the topic of conversation for today. I should be said huge spoilers will follow but if you haven’t played Bioshock I suspect you’ve already left, so let’s continue.

background.jpg Everything about Bioshock was, and still is impressive to this day. there aren’t many games that can still be going as strong as Bioshock is a decade later. I say this because the excellent Bioshock: The Collection was recently released remastering all 3 Bioshock games for Xbox One and PS4. Sinking back down to the world of Rapture felt just as incredible as it did the first time and its that feeling that made me realized just how timeless these stories are. The best thing Bioshock ever did, however, was to prove to people that games can handle very deep and thought-provoking topics. Bioshock was more than a mindless shooter which filled peoples heads with violence, it was an intricate story that handled real-world ideas and opinions in a fun and interesting way. The fact that Bioshock is in the “FPS” genre of games is no coincidence, most of the ideas explored in the game could and do lead to violence in the real world. Rapture, whilst being an unrealistic underwater city and being one of the best settings ever shown in a video game, gives the player an insight into what may actually happen if there were no rules, no laws, no restrictions. straight away Andrew Ryan talks to you as if he is freeing you from being oppressed. this promise of freedom is almost instantly shown to be false when you witness a brutal murder thanks to a splicer and with no authority, to protect you, you’re on your own.


Destined to obey…

I could sit here and talk for hours about the many amazing quotes from Bioshock but ll try my best to narrow it down. The message Bioshock tries to give its audience is amplified near the end of the game when one of the biggest, if not the biggest twist in video game history is revealed to us. the fact that the player has had no free will throughout the whole game and has been controlled by the simple phrase “would you kindly?” makes the player not only rethink everything they’ve done throughout the game but also everything they’ve heard throughout. Andrew Ryans promise of freedom from control is shown to be a complete false in so many different ways. everything you thought you knew about Atlas, Rapture and even yourself are revealed to be completly false. the idea of “Do we really know who we are or what we want” is amazingly explored throughout the entire game and you didn’t even know it was happening. The montage of Atlas saying “Would you kindly” every single time HE wanted you to do something. Even in Andrew Ryans final moments when he mutters the phrase and orders you to kill him, you cant really be certain if you’re murdering him with a golf club because you want to or because you were ordered to. Bioshock quickly follows this mindblowing reveal with one of the biggest betrayals of all time. The fact that Atlas is actually Frank Fontaine a character you have heard so much about through the many audio logs available to find throughout the game. These logs once again allow the player to learn as much or as little about the world they are in depending on how much they explore. this is another brilliant example of the game giving the player false freedom because at the end of the ay it doesn’t matter because all you are is a pawn in someone elses game.

Revisit Rapture

Now you will never feel the same if you replay Bioshock because you’re expecting the twist and are aware that you are being controlled. But you will feel something new. When Atlas’s false family are killed you dont feel pity or saddnes. you feel angry for getting trcked the first time. little hints such as the poster with the same names as Atlas’s family standout to you now and make it so ovious to you and yet youre wondering just how you even fell for it in the first place.


underneath the many layers of imagry, pholosify and lies there lies an amazing Shooter which makes the entire experiance of playing Bioshock even more fun.  The dark, creaking corridores of Rapture filled with splcers make the whole experiance quite terrifying and serves to distract you from the real terror that you are apart of. This makes every single kill a small victoty, every bullet a godsend. everytime you succsefully compete a hack whatever its for feels like your making progress. when you find weaponslike the Shotgun or Crossbow, or nre plasmids you feel like youre constantly making progress throughout which makes that ending all the more bitter-sweet. and yet even here Bioshock sil conveys another real world problem masked behind the games very addictive combat. The idea of the Plasmids being like a drug which people can become addictied to and showing how something like that could ruin a persons life in the form of the splicers once agin asks the player what would they do? or what kind of person do they want to become? In reality the game doesnt really care about youre answers to these questions and so brutily rips any choice you thought you had from you.

Would you kindly?

Despite the ups and downs the series has had over the years no one can argue that Bioshock is one of the best video games of all time. There are very few games that have the creativity of Bioshock or the depth that Bioshock has. And there a fewer still that have come close in the last 10 years. Bioshock has earned its place as a timelss classic in the history of video games and i doubt any game will be able to take it away.  Heres to another 10 years of shooting our way through Rapture.

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Mobile Mondays: Faraway 1 & 2

Another Monday another excellent little mobile game to look at. This week, however, is a two for one and I’ll explain why later. Faraway 1 & 2 are both very short and sweet puzzle games which have a combination of satisfyingly simple puzzles to start you off with eventually quite lengthy extensive problems.


The reason I’m highlighting both these games and why they are short and sweet is that whilst they are free on the app store you only get access to the first 9 levels of each game, the rest have to be purchased. Now if you haven’t got a problem spending a few pounds on the app store I’d say “go right ahead” but if not, you should definitely get both these games at once. Even though they won’t last you forever they are a great little distraction or time waster in your lunch break or between classes. Now with that out of the way lets get onto talking about the actual games themselves.

Both games are similar to each other with slight gameplay changes but the biggest change is the setting. The first game takes place in a desert, sandy environment and looks beautiful. The charming and slightly cartoonish art style reminds me of smaller console games such as Journey or Firewatch. This keeps the game vibrant and fresh and makes the puzzles that little bit more enjoyable as you don’t mind roaming around the areas in the game to explore because they are so pretty and enjoyable to look at. Now, the gameplay is quite simplistic but that’s a good thing as it helps you focus more on the puzzles and challenges at hand. You can advance forward by tapping the screen, go back by pressing the arrow in the bottom lefthand corner and swivel to look around by swiping. There are collectibles of sorts in the form of notes you have to look around to find and smash pots in the area. These can be a fun distraction if you’re a completionist and hint at a story or narrative being told but if all you want to do is solve the puzzles, you can. Now the puzzles, the reason most people will play this. They start off nice and easy almost like a tutorial. They can, however, be quite challenging at times and do require a bit of time and exploration to figure out. They won’t keep you stumped for very long but isn’t so easy as to become boring very quickly. They also do a fantastic job of keeping every level fresh and unique, I never once felt like I was replaying the same part I’d just finished. This is mainly due to again the variety of the environment and the addition if are mechanics and features with each level.


Once completing the first 9 levels of Faraway I was intrigued to see if the second installment was just as fun and I’m so glad I did. Faraway 2 was to me even more fun.  Everything just felt a little more refined and polished. Not to say the first game didn’t feel polished because it did, but Faraway 2 just felt, well better.


The second Faraway is set in a jungle rather than a desert this time, and this might be because I played both games after each other but the green, blue and white/grey color scheme felt fresh and a warm welcome after the orange sand environments of the first game. Like I said everything about this game just felt better. It felt more sophisticated, more refined. everything from the puzzles to the graphics to the collectible notes and the story you unfold as you collect them. The puzzles were definitely harder in this game and the gameplay mechanics were also more developed and that made this game feel separate and unique compared to its predecessor. If, for whatever reason you only get one of these games get the second Faraway. You’ll have more fun and it’ll last a little longer.

If you’re looking for a quick and fun way to waste a bit of time or if you’re a fan of puzzle games I highly recommend playing both Faraway 1 & 2. The beauty of these games is that if you play the first 9 levels of each and decide that they’re worth the money you can unlock the rest of the levels for a few pound and if not, well then completing all 18 free levels should take you some time especially if you find and read all the notes. This was a game that I wouldn’t usually go for but the screenshots and art style drew me in and I found myself actually having a fun time for about an hour. If your looking for something new to play, these might be an unexpected surprise for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read the second installment of Mobile Mondays. More feature and posts will be on there way in the coming week so I’ll see you next time.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review; stand aside Nathan Drake.

So this is a game I played last year but never got around to reviewing or giving my thoughts on it until now. Now I’ve been a huge fan of the Uncharted series since day 1 and the Uncharted games have given me some of my most fond gaming memories of all time so this game had a lot to prove to me when playing. The fact that this game not only had the Naughty Dog logo but the uncharted logo slapped on the front already raised the pressure for this game to prove itself and live up to its 4 big brothers. So does it? The short answer is yes. Yes, it does. However, it is the beautiful way in which this game lives up to all expectations that makes it truly special and has earned it a special place in my heart.

uncharted the lost legacy

Now I’m going to get this out straight away, any fan of any of the previous uncharted games is going to love this title. It has all the charm, wit, beauty and action of all the previous games compressed into a fun-sized package which promises to wet any uncharted fans appetite. At first, I thought the smaller length of this game would be its downfall but its actually one of its major strengths. This was a cheaper game than uncharted 4 and the shorter story makes it feel more personalized and concise especially when trying to build brand new relationships and characters the shorter story actually helps it get to the point and keep the story going. The pacing of the game only really slows down in the second act when the player is given a jeep, a winch and a beautiful semi-open world area to explore. There’s a fun side quest involving 12 gems to collect which was a nice distraction and will keep completionists happy but did detract from the story a small bit.

The slowed down pacing wasn’t too bad though when you’re slowing down to explore and admire such a beautiful world. Lost Legacy follows Uncharted 4 as being breathtakingly beautiful and showing off its amazing graphics through various different environments; from a war-torn country to the hot sweltering jungles of India you always feel immersed in the world and feel like your not just following Chloe on her journey but taking one with her.

Now there’s the elephant in the room, Chloe saw in Uncharted 2 and 3 is the star of this game and Nathan Drake doesn’t show his face one and you know what…that’s good.  He gets named dropped a few times but apart from that he’s nowhere to be seen and I like that. Don’t get me wrong I love Nate as much as the next guy but this wasn’t his story and seeing him pop up would have distracted me from the story at hand and the story of Chloe and her amazing supporting cast. This game proves that whilst Nathan Drakes story may have ended that doesn’t mean the end of Uncharted and that it can just as easily be an amazing game without him in the limelight. Chloe was a fan favorite from the previous games and she was the perfect character to star in her own solo game. Her personal motive for the plot instantly got me rooting for her and her extremely fun relationship with Nadine kept me entertained and on my toes throughout. Claudia Black knocks it out the park here and gives an incredible performance as Chloe which instantly gave me Uncharted 2 nostalgia but then grew on that as I explored her history, ideals, and motives. Laura Bailey is awesome as Nadine again here and it was really fun to see a villain return and this time is a hero and to see her grow (maybe even more than Chloe) throughout this story was extremely entertaining. Now avoiding any spoilers for people who still haven’t picked this up there is one more familiar face in this game which is a welcome surprise and ramps up the third act of the game.

The villain of this game is also classic Uncharted, Asav a crazy war criminal who throws a mean punch, has some pretty ridiculous plan and needs putting in his place. The scenes with Asav, especially at the end, were some of the standouts for me throughout the whole game.

Whilst this is a stand-alone title I would recommend playing the other 4 main uncharted games first before this (especially 4). whilst this does stand on its own 2 feet as an epic game having some history of the characters is advised as it makes the experience even better.  Now as for actual gameplay it is very similar to Uncharted 4 with a couple of differences. First Chloe’s fighting style and animations differ from Nate’s which I love. It kept the gameplay fresh and new as I was used to playing as, Nathan. Also, the added “lock picking” mini game used to get into some doors and crates within the game was nothing standout but a fun new addition and was actually utilized very well when facing off against a particularly large vehicle so it was nice to see it wasn’t just a gimmick for the trailers.

And as a nice added bonus this game comes with Uncharted 4’s multiplayer and survival mode to keep you bust after you finish the story. This is nice but anyone who is buying this almost certainly has uncharted 4 but hey I’m not complaining about the extra content. As well as a couple skins for those modes to use either here or in Uncharted 4.

Overall my verdict is coming from a massive fan of this series and its characters and I absolutely adore this game. This was my favorite game of 2017 hands down. it has everything you would want and expect from an Uncharted title. It has epic action with incredible set pieces, extremely fun traversal mechanics and sections, stunning views, and scenery but most importantly it has heart and soul. This game has guts. It knows that it’s just as good as any other uncharted game and its constantly proving that to the player throughout. This game is evidence that Uncharted does not have to rely on the Character of Nathan Drake to make an amazing game and tell a fantastic story. I rate Uncharted: The Lost Legacy a 9/10. Any fan of the uncharted series as to pick this up and play this and anyone who hasn’t experienced these amazing stories I implore you to and when you completed all 4, give this a go.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I’ve recently fixed my laptop more features and pieces should be coming and should be higher quality and longer. Thanks again and ill catch you next time!