FIRST LOOK: Savage Bastards: A Truly Wild Tale

Dust off your boots, strap on your six-shooters and keep those hands on your holsters. A brand new adventure is riding into town all the way from Mad Cave Studios, and it’s looking to be a wild one in our FIRST Look at savage Bastards!

SB Cover - 1

Mad Cave Studios’ upcoming adventure is taking fans back to the old west, in a classic tale of revenge. Savage Bastards is said to pay homage to the old westerns we all loved growing up, whilst also switching the formula up by adding its very own fantasy flare.

Savage Bastards, a revenge story that focuses on brotherhood and betrayal, is set in the 1860s. Sam and Elliot, the Savage Bastards, two half-brothers and our unlikely heroes will embark on a rescue mission across the wild frontier fueled by revenge.


Sam and Elliot will have to fight it out across a series of satellite towns through the Sonoran Desert to save Elliot’s mother from their sadistic, sociopath of a father, Darragh MacDougal and the rest of his crazy bastard children.


New to the Mad Cave Studios crew, David Galiano and Carlos Angeli will be taking readers on an action-packed adventure across America’s wild, wild west. Filled with gritty and intense action sequences, authentic dialogue and of course stunning artwork, Savage Bastards is looking to be one adventure you aren’t likely to forget in a hurry.

The 5-issue long miniseries is set for a February 2020 releases and can be pre-ordered from your local comic book shops right now!

If you want to learn more about Mad Cave Studios’ Savage Bastards you can by clicking right here, and whilst you’re at it why not check out what we thought of some of their latest work. The 90’s underdog wrestling story of Over The Ropes or the time-bending tale of beast hunters in Wolvenheart.








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